About Us

BetterByDesign Nutrition Ltd., founded in May 2007, provides nutrition and Dietetic services to individuals, industry and non-profit organizations throughout the Lower Mainland. We provide services directly to our own clients and also provide in-person and remote Corporate Nutrition services to two major Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), as well as nutrition support for return-to-work clients and long-term disability clients from several major insurance companies. 

Our Dietitian

Joy provides a supportive and accepting environment where her clients feel at ease discussing their health and nutrition needs, including previous challenges with weight management or symptoms of food intolerance.

While Joy has a Masters degree in Human Nutrition and years of experience in private practice, many have said that it is her relaxed, casual style that makes her most approachable.

Our Clients 

Our clients come from all walks of life; from busy professionals, college and university students, stay-at-home-moms, office workers, health care workers and teachers to adolescents and active seniors. Joy is very experienced and comfortable providing nutrition services to people from diverse cultural backgrounds, as well as those with diet-related religious observances.

Joy’s Approach

Joy believes that the only goals you will be successful in achieving are the ones that you set. She’ll provide you with nutrition education and Dietetic support to better enable you to achieve them.

For those not quite sure what their nutrition goals are, Joy can work with you to formulate those, through guided discussion. For those who know  exactly what they want, Joy will help you set an achievable plan, and provide you with the knowledge and support to implement it.

Joy understands that most people don’t like change; especially when it comes to the food they eat. As much as clinically possible, she’ll take into consideration how you like to eat and when, and design your Individual Meal Plan to be as close to how you currently eat, but with the needed changes built-in.

Clinical Hours

BetterByDesign’s regular hours are weekdays 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM*

Late afternoon appointments are available by arrangement, Tuesday - Thursday.

Weekend and evening services are provided by the Registered Dietitians of BetterByDesign's mobile service, Nutrition to You [www.nutritiontoyou.com].

*3:00 PM on Fridays