GERD Management Package

The GERD Management Package is designed for those diagnosed with- or having symptoms of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disorder (GERD) with or without “heartburn”.  I’ll work with you to help identify the foods and other factors that are contributing to your unpleasant gastro-esophageal symptoms and I’ll make recommendations to improve these. We’ll meet a few weeks later for a follow-up appointment where we can decide on what additional changes might be helpful.

Use of a Time-Food-Time-Symptom log (not a standard ‘food journal’) will help us identify which foods, beverages, food components or lifestyle factors are associated with which symptoms — making recommendations for dietary changes clearer.  You’ll have a choice of keeping this log manually or on a spreadsheet with drop-down lists, and I’ll teach you what you need to know. Don’t worry, it is very easy! If necessary, the spreadsheet will be customized for you, so that only the symptoms that you experience are being logged.

This package includes three (3) one hour visits and may be combined to total 3 hours of service.

If you plan on taking a Complete Assessment Package, this package would need to be taken first. or concurrently with it.