Hourly Sessions

Hourly consultations are especially useful for those who want to come in for an initial consultation to discuss their needs, to get to know Joy or for those wanting nutrition education in a specific area.


Joy offers Nutrition Education Sessions on a variety of topics.

For those who want to understand how their food and lifestyle choices impact a specific clinical condition, Joy offers sessions on lowering high blood pressure (which is more involved than using less salt. She also offers one on lowering high cholesterol and selecting the best kinds of fat to use.

One that is very popular is the two-part session on improving low iron status (anemia), which is not as straight-forward as simply eating foods higher in iron or taking a supplement. Many iron-rich foods contain substances that keep the iron from being absorbed or used by the body, so the first session will teach you about the different types of iron and how to increase iron absorption from the foods you eat and the second session will teach you how to time different foods, to reduce interference from other foods or components in those foods, that prevent the iron from being absorbed and used.

Joy even offers a teaching session on reading food labels.

All Nutrition Education Sessions provide you with a take-home printed teaching resource that summarizes the material covered.