Food Sensitivity / Food Allergy Package

The Food Sensitivity / Food Allergy Package is a specialty package designed for clients who have been diagnosed with food allergies by a physician, or who suspect they may be sensitized to certain foods or to components of foods.*

* BBD Nutrition offers a specialized package for those recently diagnosed with Celiac disease (also called gluten sensitivity),

Allergies involve the presence of antibodies and we use a combination of standard assessment tools and where appropriate, will work with your GP or local walk-in clinic to requisition allergy testing covered by MSP.  We never request any expensive out-of-pocket blood tests, because there is no need.  Using best clinical practices in conjunction with your GP or allergist, it will be determined whether antibodies to specific foods or food classes are present and if they are, whether you are also sensitized to other foods that are ‘related’. We will assist with referrals to local area allergist, should it be necessary.

As much as possible, we prefer to avoid having people eliminate whole groups of foods in order to determine if they are problematic. By approaching it systematically and in a step-wise fashion, we are able to recommend elimination of foods from the most obvious offenders to the least, based on a thorough assessment and targeted food logs.

This package includes three (3) in-person visits of an hour each and may be combined to total 3 hours of service. In terms of how visits unfold, there is a lot of variability depending one individual cases, but here is a brief description;

I will take a complete history of symptoms at the first visit and if indicative of possible IgE allergy, then I will provide you with a Lab Test Request form for up to 5 specific antigen serum IgE tests, that can be performed at a local area Lifelabs. We will wait for those results (a day or two after you go) and then if positive, at the subsequent visits I will teach you about those food allergies, which foods to avoid and what foods are potential cross-reactants.  If the results are negative, then subsequent visits will follow the same series of events as described on the web-page under the IBS package.

If you plan on taking a Complete Assessment Package, this package would need to be taken first.