For those with specific nutritional needs who are taking the Complete Assessment Package, there are several add-on options to provide targeted Nutritional Education within the context of your Individual Meal Plan.

Add-on options include;

Iron Option: A two-part add-on option to the Complete Assessment Package for those seeking to improve their iron status from the food they eat. This is the same material covered in the Improving Iron Status From Food hourly service, but offered at a special price for those taking the Complete Assessment Package.

Potassium Option: The Potassium Option is an add-on to the Complete Assessment Package that will teach you the foods that are low, medium and high in potassium so that you can select the amounts that are appropriate for your specific condition.

Diverticulosis Option: The Diverticulosis Option is an add-on option to the Complete Assessment Package and is designed for those who have been told that they have diverticulosis (little bulges or ‘pockets’) in their colon and to minimize constipation.

Gout Option: A low purine diet is often recommended for those with high uric acid in their blood to reduce the symptoms of gout, but there is a little more to it than simply finding out which foods are high in purines. This add-on teaching to the Complete Assessment Package will provide everything that you need to know, as well as a handout that you can take home with all the information taught.

Low Oxalate Option: The Low Oxalate add-on option will teach you how to reduce the oxalate content of your diet and in turn, the risk of calcium-oxalate kidney stones.

Pediatric add-on: This is a required add-on to the Complete Assessment Package for clients aged 6-19 years in order to assess the adequacy of their growth and to compare their weight, height and BMI to established standards for their age.

Pre-Natal add-on: The Pre-Natal add-on is required for those taking the Complete Assessment Package who are pregnant, for the added work involved in making adjustments for extra dietary intake (energy, nutrients) and to help plan for appropriate weight gain during pregnancy.

Expedited Option: Need your Meal Plan as soon as possible? The Expedited Option will enable you to have it designed within 24 hours of your assessment visit.

View the drop down menu under ADD-ONS (to Complete Assessment Package) to see a description of each.