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This is where you’ll find my easy to understand articles that explain the science of health, nutrition and diet in terms that people without a science background can understand. As of the end of December 2020, there were ~190 articles in total, with a few key articles organized by topic below.

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Latest Articles

05/11 – Use of a Therapeutic Ketogenic Diet in Mental Health (article) – new
04/30 – Thyroid Medication can Worsen Blood Sugar Control in People with Diabetes – new
02/20 – Hypothyroidism Update – six months of treatment since diagnosis
01/23 – Alopecia Universalis – a clinician’s personal story of complete hair loss
12/29 – The Androgen Paradox of Hair Growth and Hair Loss

12/28 – Nutritional Supplements With Evidence to Restore Hair Loss 
11/17 – Hair Loss in Hypothyroidism (Part 2) – Nutrients of Importance 
11/01  Hypothyroidism 101- about the thyroid, its hormones and diagnosis
10/14 – Hypothyroidism Signs and Symptoms – a downloadable checklist
09/04 – Hair Loss – root causes (Part 1) 
08/26 – More Than Skin Deep – skin symptoms associated with hypothyroidism 
08/12 – Beyond Diet – the role of hormones in metabolic health 
08/07 Symptoms of Hypothyroidism Mistakenly Blamed on Aging 
07/14 – Thyroid Function Assumed to be Normal When Only TSH is Tested 
23/11 Chronic Constipation — do we really just need more fiber and water?
10/11 Could Protein be the Appetite’s Control — the Protein Leverage Hypothesis
10/01 Do You Identify as a Food Addict?
09/01  Time to Stop Calling Type Two Diabetes a Chronic Progressive Disease
08/30  Type 2 Diabetes Remission — proposed definition from international experts
08/23 – High Protein Matcha Drink — role in abdominal fat loss
06/23 –  Risk of Dehydration in Older Adults During Heatwaves 
06/21 – Staying Hydrated Without a Caffeine or Carbonated Drink — Limonana 
06/15 – The Three Ways to Balance Carbohydrate and Fat as Fuel
04/25 – LDL Cholesterol is Not the Best Assessor of Cardiovascular Risk
04/23 – What is a Low-FODMAP Diet and How Can it Improve Symptoms of IBS? 
04/16 – Why Drinking a Smoothie isn’t the Same as Eating the Food Contained in it  
04/13 – A Therapeutic Ketogenic Diet — treatment and adjunct treatment
04/12 – A Simple Guide to Different Types of Diet and Macros  
03/26 – Why Is Type 2 Diabetes Still Called ”a Progressive, Lifelong Disease”?
03/22 – Assessing Insulin Resistance — Homeostasis Model Assessment (HOMA)

Gastrointestinal Health

23/11 Chronic Constipation — do we really just need more fiber and water?
04/23 – What is a Low-FODMAP Diet and How Can it Improve Symptoms of IBS?
03/14 – What is a Hiatal Hernia and How Can Dietary Changes Help?
01/14 – Negative Effect of Dietary Carbohydrate on the Gut Microbiome in IBD
09/08 – Treating Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
09/04 – Diagnosing Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
09/01 – What is Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)?
07/14 – Trouble-shooting Ongoing Constipation on a Low Carb Diet
07/12 – What is IBS and Why Do Symptoms Improve on a Low Carb Diet?
07/11 – Have You Been Diagnosed with Diverticulosis?

Food Allergies and Intolerances

03/09 – Allergies to Trees or Grasses can Result in Reactions to Food
11/20 – The Difference Between Food Sensitivity Tests and Food Allergy Tests
08/07 – Tyramine Intolerance — underlying cause of migraine headaches?
07/23 – Histamine Intolerance, MCAD / MCAS and How Dietary Changes Help 
07/21 – Milk Intolerance May be Caused by A1 Beta-Casein

Metabolic Health

12/13 – No Underlying Health Conditions — likely assumed not assessed
04/29 – Too Much and Too Little is Killing Us — reducing comorbidities
08/28 – An Accurate New Estimator of Whole Body Fat Percentage
05/22 – Why Waist Circumference and Waist to Height Ratio is so Important

Cardiovascular Disease

06/23 – Lowering LDL and Saturated Fat to Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

06/20 – High Cholesterol and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
04/07 – New Study: Dietary Saturated Fat is Not Associated with Increased Risk of CVD
03/01 – American Heart Association: Some Kids & Teens at Risk for Premature CVD
07/13 – Consuming Dairy Fat Doesn’t Increase the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease — may protect
05/24 – Two More Good Indicators of Cardiovascular Risk
05/22 – Why Waist Circumference and Waist to Height Ratio is so Important


09/01  Time to Stop Calling Type 2 Diabetes a “chronic, progressive disease”
08/30  Type 2 Diabetes Remission — proposed definition from international experts
3/26 – Why Is Type 2 Diabetes Still Called ”a Progressive, Lifelong Disease”?
03/22 – Assessing Insulin Resistance — Homeostasis Model Assessment (HOMA)
02/16 – Standard Treatment for Diabetes Prior to the Discovery of Insulin
02/03 – A Choice: Living With Diabetes, Seeking Remission From Diabetes(article)
02/02 – Diabetes Canada’s 7-day Low Carb Meal Plan — includes bread, pasta, rice
05/14 – Diabetes Canada Deems Low Carb and Very Low Carb Diet Safe and Effective
12/20 – New ADA Standards of Medical Care Includes Low Carbohydrate Diet
07/17 – Three Ways to Put Type 2 Diabetes into Remission
06/24 – Only Half of People Have Newer Gene that Controls High Blood Sugar
05/14 – Is the Glycemic Index Reliable for Predicting Blood Sugar Response?
05/05 – ADA: Brain’s Need for Glucose can be Fulfilled by the Body
04/23 – ADA includes use of a Very Low Carb (Keto) Eating Pattern in New Report
04/09 – Complex Carbohydrates as Long Chains of Sugar Molecules
02/22 – Are You Pushing Your Pancreas Too Hard — estimating β-cell function
2/18 – Low Carb Diet in 2019 American Diabetes Association Standards of Care
12/14 – The Difference Between Reversal and Remission of Type 2 Diabetes
12/05 – Insulin Resistance, Hyperinsulinemia and Hyperglycemia
11/30 – There Are Now Two Stages BEFORE a Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes
11/29 – The Three Stages of Carbohydrate Intolerance — before type 2 diabetes
11/26 – When Normal Fasting Blood Glucose Isn’t Necessarily ”Fine”
10/10 – American Diabetes Association & European Association Classify Low Carb Diets as Medical Nutrition Therapy
10/07 – American Diabetes Association & European Association Approve Low Carb Diets
08/22 – Low Carbohydrate Eating for People with Diabetes — important position statement
08/16 – The Tip of the Iceberg — what we can’t see puts us at risk
07/30 – Early Warning Signs that May Help Prevent Developing Type 2 Diabetes
07/28 – Stanford Blood Sugar Study Findings Known for More Than 45 Years
07/26 – American Diabetes Association (ADA) is Making Sense of Carbs
02/22 – Unreliability of Many Blood Glucose Monitors
02/07 – Significant Improvement in Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms Possible Long Term

Different Clinical Conditions

04/13 – A Therapeutic Ketogenic Diet — treatment and adjunct treatment
10/27 – 
Vitamin D Supplementation Can Help Protect Against the Flu 
07/19 – Arthritis is Not a Normal Part of Aging — it’s a degenerative joint disease
04/18 – Eating one slice of bacon per day does NOT increase your colon cancer risk
03/22 – The Connection Between Sugar and Cancer
08/09 – Alzheimer’s Disease as Glucose Dysfunction of the Brain

Articles About Macros

A Simple Guide to Different Types of Diet and Macros


11/03 – Is a Diet High in Carbohydrate Appropriate for Humans?
01/27 – Carbohydrates are Not Evil
08/24 – Is Coconut Oil Pure Poison?
06/26 – Refined Carbohydrate with Vegetable Oil Was Known to Cause Weight Gain
06/21 – Some Carbs Are Better Than Others — Part 4 — the Insulin Index
04/26 – Some Carbs are Better than Others (for Diabetics) — Part 3
4/20 – 
Are Some Carbs Better Than Others — Part 2
04/17 – Are Some Carbs Better Than Others — Part 1


02/24 – How Much Protein is Best Depends on Different People’s Needs
03/01 – The Role of Protein in the Diet of Older Adults


06/30 – American College of Cardiology: No Benefit to Lower Saturated Fat Intake
04/05 – Concerns with Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oils — Part 2
04/05 – Concerns with Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oils — Part 1
03/21 – Do Saturated Fats Cause Heart Disease?
03/15 – The Marketing of Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oils
03/12 – Researchers that Blamed Saturated Fat as Cause of Heart Disease — paid by sugar industry

Low Carb and Keto Diets

01/04 – A Keto Diet is Only About How Much Carbohydrate it Contains
08/30 – Another Therapeutic Ketogenic Diet and How it Differs from ”the Keto Diet”
08/23 – The Stereotypical High Fat Keto Diet is Only ONE Type
08/16 – The Keto Diet — a potentially dangerous and an unhealthy diet
02/15 – McGill Professor: Risks and Benefits of Low-Carb Keto Diets
08/29 – Are Low Carbohydrate Diets Linked to Risk of Premature Death?
08/23 – Do Low Carb Diets Shorten Lifespan — a closer look
05/08 – Don’t Try This at Home — when medical supervision is needed (article)

Assorted Articles

04/16 – Why Drinking a Smoothie isn’t the Same as Eating the Food Contained in it
03/07 – Why Grazing Can Look Like a Scene From Hoarders
11/06 – Stages of Change and Why Most People Regain Weight Loss
04/22 – My Three Year Health Recovery Anniversary — a Dietitian’s Journey
01/27 – Five Pounds or Fifty Pounds of Fat — in very real terms
11/22 – When to Eat and Not Eat, How Many Meals and Snacks
09/10 – Why Eating Less and Exercising More DOES Matter As We Age
08/19 – When Real Food is Deemed Offensive and Disturbing, not Processed Food
08/04 – Why So Many Post Menopausal Women and Older Men Have Low Iron 06/18 – Distinguishing Food from Food-like Products
06/16 – A Little Black Dress — a personal health and weight loss update (personal story)
04/11 – New Study: Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Won’t Help You Live Longer
02/01 – Reflections of a Nutritional Centrist
10/16 – The Effect of Cannabis on Appetite, Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels

Canada Food Guide

06/02 – The Three Things that Canada’s Food Guide Got (Mostly) Right
07/09 – Experts: WHO Draft Guidelines Excludes Key Facts and Studies
07/02 – Focus on Limiting Ultra Processed Food Not Saturated Fat & Sodium 06/28 – CFG Snapshot — conflating Ultra-Processed Food and Whole, Real Foods?
01/24 – New Canada Food Guide — carbohydrate estimate of the sample plate
01/22 – The New Canada Food Guide at a Glance
01/10 – Background to the New Canada Food Guide Draft
01/09 – New Canada Food Guide Drops Meat and Milk Groups

Other Eating Patterns

01/20 – EAT-Lancet Diet — inadequate protein for older adults
01/18 – The New EAT Lancet Diet — healthy & sustainable for whom?
01/07 – The Mediterranean Diet


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