Complete Assessment Package / Meal Plan Package ($350 + GST)


The Complete Assessment Package / Meal Planning Package is an all-inclusive basic package for clients who want to eat healthier, lose weight and lower their insulin resistance. Services can be taken in-person or via Skype.

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The Complete Assessment Package is an all-inclusive package for clients who want to eat healthier, lose weight and lower their insulin resistance.

The package includes a one-hour initial appointment to establish dietary  goals, collect personal and family medical history, review recent lab tests and other tests (if applicable) and to conduct a complete food habit and lifestyle review. In order to collect accurate information, it is best that I meet with you one-on-one for this appointment, but feel free to let me know if you want to bring a friend or partner along to the final appointment, where I teach you your Meal Plan.

Based on all the information collected, a Risk Assessment will be done and an Individual Meal Plan (one-hour of service) will be designed for you, factoring in any health and weight management goals.

Then we’ll meet again for an hour for the Nutrition Education Session for me to review of your Risk Assessment and make some recommendations then the remainder of the appointment will be for me to go over your Individual Meal Plan with you, teaching of simple yet accurate ways to estimate portion sizes. I will answer any questions you have and provide you with a printed booklet which will summarize what I taught, as well as serve as a resource for looking up how to substitute other foods not on your Meal Plan.

This package serves as a basis for the Dietary Management Package which can be taken should you want some longer term follow up or coaching, as you implement your lifestyle changes.

The Complete Assessment Package can be taken in-person or via Skype and can be paid by secure server right on the web site via credit card. If you would like to take advantage of the flexible payment options outlined on the Intake and Service Option form details are available in the Shop.

OUTSIDE CANADA? For those in the US and elsewhere, nutrition education services are available. Please select the Meal Plan Package from the correct form, below.

Meal Plan versus Menu

I don’t tell people what kind of food to eat on which day; which is a menu.  I work out how much of each of the key macro- and micro-nutrients individuals need based on their age and stage of life and any health conditions and medications they may be taking and then determine how much protein, non-starchy vegetables, fruit, dairy, nuts, fat, etc. they could have at each meal to meet their requirements.  This is a Meal Plan.

I base the distribution across the meals of the day on how you are currently eating and what you like to eat, but nothing is carved in stone! For example, if I recommend eggs or cheese for breakfast and you’d rather have a smoothy sometimes, I can certainly make those changes.

The Individual Meal Plans I design indicate how much of each TYPE of food to eat but you get to decide if that will be chicken, fish or beef, or broccoli or asparagus.

I’ll teach you all about the types of foods that make up each category of food (for example ‘non-starchy vegetables’) and your Individual Meal Plan will outline how much to eat at each meal.

If you’re cooking for more than just you, you can still make ONE meal for everyone and you’ll know how much to serve by the Meal Plan.

As for eating well and feeling full and avoiding cravings for sugar or carbs, this is built into the way I design Individual Meal Plans and this is a big part of why people come to me.

Want to get started? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Download and complete the Intake and Service Option Form available  here and select the Complete Assessment Package then return it to me at the email address on the form with the times you are available for an appointment. If you reside in the US or elsewhere and are seeking nutrition education sessions, please use this form* and select the Meal Planning Package.  If you would like a password-protected form, please send me a note using the Contact Me form located on that tab above.
  2. I’ll email you a choice of appointments then you’ll book the time that suits you best.
  3. I’ll send you confirmation of your appointment with an invoice for the package which you can pay in the Shop on line via credit card. If you reside in Canada, you also have the option of paying directly via e-transfer made out to

*Please note that services provided to those outside of Canada are not clinical Dietetic services, but for nutrition education purposes only.  If you have complex health issues and/or take multiple medications, please consult with a Registered Dietitian.

Note: The cost of services includes GST (5%).

Have questions? Please send me a note using the Contact Me form.

Appointment times will be based on Vancouver, British Columbia (UTC-7 hours) time. Please refer to to convert your time zone to Vancouver time.

If you live anywhere in Canada or continental US I can call you by telephone or Skype, and if you live overseas I’ll call you via Skype.

Have questions? Please send me a note using the “Contact Me” tab.

Flexible Payment Plan available

If you will be using the Flexible Payment Plan Option, please do not order the Complete Assessment Package (this product) as it will require full payment.

If you want to use the Flexible Payment Plan, please download and complete this form and return it with your completed Intake and Service Option form.


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