Flexible Payment Option (for the Complete Assessment Package)

Cash-flow can be challenging.

The Flexible Payment Option enables you to pay for each of the three services in the Complete Assessment Package in three installments, with no interest fees.

Wait to get paid before paying the next installment, or to be reimbursed from extended benefits.

Only available to clients in Canada.

How it Works

  1. Complete the Intake and Service Option Form on your computer, select the Complete Assessment Package.
  2. Complete the Flexible Payment Option Form on your computer.
  3. Send both completed forms to the email address indicated in red on the Intake and Service Option form.
  4. Pay only for the Assessment visit when booking that appointment. Pay for the other two services only before booking them.
  • Your first payment will be only for the Assessment Visit ($150 + GST = $157.50)
  • The second payment will be due before design of your Meal Plan ($100 + GST = $105)
  • The third payment will be due before the Nutrition Education Session ($100 + GST = $105)

You can pay each installment by credit card on the secure web page, but remitting payments via e-transfer saves the credit card charges.