Give the Gift of Health – pre-paid visit

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This is a wonderful, thoughtful and unique gift which provides your friend or family member with a one-hour online visit with Joy Kiddie — and at $50 off the regular hourly consultation rate!  Joy has been in private practice for a dozen years — and has provided virtual services for ten of those. She is also one of the few Dietitian Nutritionists with 5 years experience teaching low carb and ketogenic (keto) diets, as well as many years supporting other diet patterns.  As you can verify on Google, Joy is very highly rated by her clients.

The recipient of your gift will be able to meet one-on-one with Joy via secure telehealth software (requiring no installation or password — they just click a link in an email and they’re connected!). Maybe they have questions about healthy eating, weight management, or about different types diets. Or perhaps they are interested in learning how we can strengthen our immune system and better fight viruses or infection, or about the difference between “low carb” and “keto”. Answers about the person’s specific health needs can’t be provided in this session as this is a nutrition education service, but questions about the conditions themselves and how they can be best addressed through diet are absolutely welcome! 

This gift is available in Canada and the US. Please be sure to download the correct form, below.

It’s Convenient!

The “Give the Gift of Health” service makes a wonderful gift…and it’s so convenient! You purchase it online and can send it to the recipient via email, along with the downloadable and printable gift enclosure (available at checkout).

It’s So Flexible!

The recipient can redeem their “Give the Gift of Health” gift online for the 6 months following the date of purchase. Whether they live locally or around the world, they will be able to access their one-hour prepaid service online, via an easy-to-use secure telehealth link.

It’s on Sale!

This is on sale at $50 off the hourly consultation rate — making this a very affordable gift. What better way to communicate to our friend or family member that their health is important?

Give the gift of health this season!

Step-by-Step instructions for Booking Your Appointment:

    1. Purchase the service by adding it to your cart
    2. Download the “Give the Gift of Health” Form (for those in Canada, for those in the US) & fill it out with the recipient‘s contact information (that’s the person you are buying it for)
    3. Email completed “Give the Gift of Health” form to the email address on the form
    4. Download the gift enclosure to give the recipient and then have them contact me via email to book their pre-paid consultation.

Note: GST is included in the cost.



During these challenging times, shopping for gifts for family and friends is difficult — and who even knows whether we will be able to get together over the holidays to give it to them?

Whether you are shopping for someone with particular nutrition questions or that person that “has everything”, this gift is perfect!