Hypothyroid Option – add-on to the Complete Assessment Package


This nutrition education session is designed for those newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

Step-by-Step instructions for Booking Your Appointment:

As easy as 1-2-3

    1. Download the Intake and Service Option Form (Form for Canada) and fill it out. Add the Complete Assessment Package and Hypothyroid add-on
    2. Email the completed form, any available recent blood test results and your availability to the email address on the form
    3. Pay for your services below via credit card (or send an e-transfer for the amount below, if you prefer)

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The Hypothyroid add-on teaching to the Complete Assessment Package is intended for those newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism and will explain a little bit about the condition itself, as well as which nutrients are of importance, and which foods are good sources of those nutrients. It will also explain which foods may be helpful to eat less of, and why.

This nutrition education session will occur immediately after the appointment to review the Meal Plan for the Complete Assessment Package. This way, you can understand how they work together and ask any questions and you will be provided with a handout with all the information taught, so you can refer to it, as needed.