Anti-Inflammatory Protocol Package – follow-up package

This package is a follow-up to the Complete Assessment Package to help people lower inflammation.

Anti-Inflammatory Protocol Package is designed for those with inflammatory conditions, including chronic pain, arthritis (osteo- or rheumatoid) or one of several auto-immune conditions that result in inflammation, and for reducing symptoms that may be associated with leaky gut.

You will learn about the specific components found in many foods and beverages that promote inflammation and are thought to be involved in the development of leaky gut — as well as which foods these substances are found in so you can reduce your consumption of them.

You will also learn which foods have anti-inflammatory properties and are evidence-based to reduce inflammation.

The package is divided into 3 sessions of an hour each and you will be provided with a written handout for each session that will serve as a resource for you afterwards. In total, you will receive 27 pages of handouts.

If you’ve completed a Complete Assessment Package or will be taking both the (one after the other) then you are ready to get started with your Anti-Inflammatory Package.