Iron Option – add on option to Complete Assessment Package

The Iron Option is an add-on option to the Complete Assessment Package for those with low iron status. In the first session (which occurs immediately after I teach you your Meal Plan), you will learn about the different types of iron, the best dietary sources of these, as well as how to improve iron absorption.

The second session, which is the more complex of the two sessions, will occur a few weeks later. This is to give you the opportunity to get used to your Meal Plan and to apply what you learned during the first session, in choosing foods at your ‘high iron meal’ each day.  The second session will teach you about the different types of foods and beverages that contain substances that interfere with iron absorption, and how to take this into consideration when planning your high iron meal of the day.

This add-on option covers the same material as the Improving Iron Status from Food specialty hourly service, but at a savings for those also taking the Complete assessment Package.

To get started, add both the Complete Assessment Package and Iron Option to your cart.