Hourly Services



Hourly Services

I offer two different types — an Hourly Consultation and Specialized Hourly Services.


Two types of Hourly Services

a. Hourly Consultation

This service is for those who would like to meet with me first to discuss their needs, share details of their health background, and see if I am a ‘good fit’. 

Since I wouldn’t have already assessed you, I will be unable to provide you with personal dietary advice at this meeting, but I will be able to answer any of your nutritional questions in a general sense and discuss services. If you are looking for personalized advice, then the next step would be to take either the Complete Assessment Package, or the Comprehensive Dietary Package.

Should you decide to move forward with any of the packages, time remaining in your Hourly Consultation can be ‘banked’ and used later, for follow-up services.

To learn about pricing please click the “book an appointment” button.

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b. Specialty Hourly Services

This is the second type of service and is for taking Nutrition Education on an hourly basis. Many of these services are available as add-on options at a cost-savings with either the Complete Assessment Package or the Comprehensive Dietary Package.

These education sessions include teaching on improving symptoms of GERD, gout or hiatus hernia, dietary considerations with different types of kidney stones, foods to limit to reduce migraines, and teaching for those newly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. 

Other Specialty Hourly Services available include a low fiber / low residue diet, a low FODMAP diet, improving iron status from food, a gallstone diet, and a low sodium or low potassium diet.

To learn about pricing please click the “book an appointment” button.

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