Meal Plan Package – getting started (for outside Canada)

The Meal Plan Package is an all-inclusive nutrition education package for clients outside of Canada who want to eat healthier and/or lose (or gain) weight.

For those from Canada, please choose the Complete Assessment Package.

The Meal Plan Package includes a one-hour initial assessment appointment where I will find out about your health and your family risk factors so that I can provide you with a customized Meal Plan educational booklet that is most suitable for you. Your Meal Plan educational booklet will be designed based on how you already eat, but with nutritional improvements built in. In addition to the design of your customized Meal Plan booklet (an hour of service), this package includes a one-hour Nutrition Education Session for me to go over your Meal Plan education booklet with you, and to answer your questions. 

Food categories will include starchy vegetables, legumes, fruit,  non-starchy vegetables, meat-fish-poultry-egg, cheese, nuts and seeds, as well as fats — but how many servings (if any) will be included in your Nutrition Educational booklet will depend on what is most appropriate for you based on what you are seeking to accomplish.

I will explain to you how much of each type of food you should aim to eat at each meal, but which particular food you choose to eat in that category is totally up to you. There won’t be any weighing or measuring of food — but instead, I will teach you how to accurately estimate portion sizes, so all you need to do is decide what you want to eat!

This package serves as a basis for the Weight Loss Follow-Up Package which can be taken should you want some longer term follow up or coaching, as you implement your lifestyle changes.

Get started with your Meal Plan Package.