Dietary Management Package – follow-up package

The Dietary Management Package is for those who’ve already completed the Complete Assessment Package in the last 6 months and would like additional support or coaching as they implement their Individual Meal Plan or work on weight loss, or metabolic health remission.

Meal Plans necessarily need to change as people lose weight and body fat, so the Dietary Management Package can be used for me to adjust your Meal Plan as needed if- and when you reach a weight-loss or inches-loss stall as you continue to work towards achieving an optimal weight and waist circumference (as outlined in your Meal Plan).

Time can also be used for coaching sessions about what you can change– or improve on, in terms of what you are eating or when, relative to your Meal Plan.

Think of it as a prepaid taxi ride that gives you 3 hours of services to help you get where you want to go.

Total service time in the Dietary Management Package is 3 hours, but you can book that time as one-hour or a half-hour sessions, depending on what you need at the time. 

Get started with your Dietary Management Package.