Diverticulosis Option

The Diverticulosis Option is an add on option to the Complete Assessment Package designed for clients who have been told by their GP or Gastroenterologist that they have diverticulosis (which are little bulges or ‘pockets’ called “diverticula”) in their colon. The teaching centers around gradually increasing fiber intake in the diet in 3 progressive stages, in order to minimize side-effects, as well as ways to improve your gut microbiome to alleviate constipation.

Ready to get started?

  1. Please download and complete the Intake and Service Option Form which is available here selecting the Complete Assessment Package.
  2. Then, please click here to download the Diverticulosis Option Form to add the additional teaching.
  3. Please return the forms to me at the email address provided on the form.

If you prefer, this can be taken as a stand-alone teaching by downloading the Intake and Service Option Form and selecting Hourly Consultation. Under the goals and expectations section at the top of page 2, please write “Diverticulosis Option”.