Irritable Bowel Syndrome Package (IBS)

The Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Package is designed for clients who have had clinical conditions such as Inflammatory Bowel Disorder (Crohn’s, Colitis etc.) and Celiac disease ruled out and who require support to determine which foods or food components and/or beverages are contributing to their ongoing, unpleasant gastro-intestinal symptoms.

We use a combination of standardized assessment tools and use of a Time-Food-Time-Symptom log which can help pin-point which food is associated with what symptom(s). This is not a standard ‘food journal’ but provides specific information which enables identification of of problematic foods, food components or cooking methods, easier. You’ll have your choice of keeping record manually or on a spreadsheet with drop-down items and if necessary, it will be customized for you.

Based on the findings of the Time-Food-Time-Symptom logs, avoidance of specific foods will be recommended for a time, to assess the degree of improvement in systems. If these foods fall under classic “FODMAP” foods, other foods in that category will be assessed for sensitivity.

Please note that sometimes several iterations of the Time-Food-Time-Symptom logs are needed when there are multiple underlying sources of the gastric distress.

This package includes three (3) one hour visits and may be combined to total 3 hours of service.

If you plan on taking a Complete Assessment Package, this package would need to be taken first. or concurrently with it.