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Food for Thought - why I write articles

Like the bird, I don’t write because I can. I write because I have something to say.

Food for Thought is where you’ll find the most recent of the more than >200 referenced articles that I’ve written. Food for Thought articles explain the science of health and nutrition in terms that anyone can understand.

If you are looking for an older article written before 2020, don’t worry. They are available in the  Food for Thought – archived articles. Also available there is my personal health and recovery journey titled “A Dietitian’s Journey”.

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2024 Articles


04/04 International Diabetes Federation – evidence for 1-hour glucose assessor – new
02/15 DEXA Bone Density Scans – accuracy depends on where it is done 
02/12 DEXA Body Composition Scans as Assessors of Bone Density 


2023 Articles

05/11 Use of a Therapeutic Ketogenic Diet in Mental Health (article)
04/30 – Thyroid Medication can Worsen Blood Sugar Control in People with Diabetes 
02/20 – Hypothyroidism Update – six months of treatment since diagnosis
01/23 – Alopecia Universalis – a clinician’s personal story of complete hair loss

2022 Articles

12/29 – The Androgen Paradox of Hair Growth and Hair Loss

12/28 – Nutritional Supplements With Evidence to Restore Hair Loss 
11/17 – Hair Loss in Hypothyroidism (Part 2) – Nutrients of Importance 
11/01 –  Hypothyroid 101 
10/14 – Hypothyroidism Signs and Symptoms – a downloadable checklist
09/04 – Hair Loss – root causes (Part 1) 
08/26 – More Than Skin Deep – skin symptoms associated with hypothyroidism 
08/12 – Beyond Diet – the role of hormones in metabolic health 
08/07 – Symptoms of Hypothyroidism Mistakenly Blamed on Aging 
07/14 – Thyroid Function Assumed to be Normal When Only TSH is Tested 
23/11 – Chronic Constipation — do we really just need more fiber and water?
10/11 – Could Protein be the Appetite’s Control — the Protein Leverage Hypothesis

2021 Articles

10/01 – Do You Identify as a Food Addict?
09/01  – Time to Stop Calling Type Two Diabetes a Chronic Progressive Disease
08/30  – Type 2 Diabetes Remission — proposed definition from international experts
08/23 – High Protein Matcha Drink — role in abdominal fat loss
06/23 –  Risk of Dehydration in Older Adults During Heatwaves 
06/21 – Staying Hydrated Without a Caffeine or Carbonated Drink — Limonana 
06/15 – The Three Ways to Balance Carbohydrate and Fat as Fuel
04/25 – LDL Cholesterol is Not the Best Assessor of Cardiovascular Risk
04/23 – What is a Low-FODMAP Diet and How Can it Improve Symptoms of IBS? 
04/16 – Why Drinking a Smoothie isn’t the Same as Eating the Food Contained in it  
04/13 – A Therapeutic Ketogenic Diet — treatment and adjunct treatment
04/12 – A Simple Guide to Different Types of Diet and Macros  
03/26 – Why Is Type 2 Diabetes Still Called ”a Progressive, Lifelong Disease”?
03/22 – Assessing Insulin Resistance — Homeostasis Model Assessment (HOMA)




Articles written from 2012 until 2020 are available in the Food for Thought – archived articles

Disclaimer: The information presented in these articles are in no way intended to recommend the self-management of health problems, or as medical advice, or as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.



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