Pediatric add-on for the Complete Assessment Package


This is a required add-on to the Complete Assessment Package for clients aged 6-19 years in order to assess the adequacy of their growth and to compare their weight, height and BMI to established standards for their age.

Step-by-Step instructions for Booking Your Appointment:

As easy as 1-2-3

    1. Download the Intake and Service Option Form (Form for Canada) and fill it out. Please select the Complete Assessment Package and Pediatric add-on
    2. Email the completed form, any available recent blood test results and your availability to the email address on the form
    3. Pay for your services below via credit card (or send an e-transfer for the amount below, if you prefer)

*If you would like a password-protected form, please send me a note using the Contact Me form on the tab above.




The Pediatric add-on is required for clients aged 6-19 years includes height/age, weight/age, BMI/age comparisons, as well as growth projection, weight change projection, etc.