Healthy Aging Package



Healthy Aging Package

Healthy Aging PackageThe Healthy Aging Package is designed to help healthy adults stay that way as they age — including achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight, as well as preserving muscle and bone mass. It is suitable for those with routine clinical conditions such being overweight, elevated cholesterol, blood sugar, or blood pressure.

[For adults with clinical conditions, the Comprehensive Dietary Package would be a suitable option.]

The Healthy Aging Package begins with an initial assessment appointment where I will meet with you to collect detailed information about your health and risk factors, including your personal medical history, family medical history, and dietary and lifestyle information. Lifestyle questions include what you like to eat and when, food likes and dislikes, religious, cultural, or ethical dietary restrictions, and other factors that impact your health and weight, such as sleep habits and activity level.

Comprehensive Dietary Package Meal PlanBased on the information collected during the assessment visit, I will design a Meal Plan to help you accomplish your goals. Turnaround time for completion of your Meal Plan is ~2 weeks once all information has been received.

The Nutrition Education teaching in the Healthy Aging Package explains the different categories of foods, the serving sizes, and number of portions to eat at each meal, as well as how to make food exchanges within each category of food.  It walks you through how to implement your Meal Plan, so all you need to do is decide is what to eat.

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