Celiac Disease Management Package

The Canadian Celiac Association lists on their web site, what they consider to be mandatory Nutrition Education items to be taught by a Registered Dietitian to newly diagnosed Celiacs (see Required Nutrition Education for Celiacs – CCA). As this is a clinical package provided from a Dietetic perspective, it is not available to those outside of Canada.

The Celiac Disease Management Package provides 3 hours of nutrition education that is specifically designed to cover each of the topics listed on the Canadian Celiac Association’s web page, and in sufficient detail so as to enable a newly diagnosed Celiac to safely select foods and ingredients at home and away from home, while enjoying a normal lifestyle.

This package is not limited to newly-diagnosed Celiacs however, as many who have been diagnosed for some time (or those who need to avoid gluten for other reasons) often have ‘gaps’ in what they know. These ‘gaps’ may result in them eating foods or drinking beverages that have gluten in them, or in eating gluten-free foods in restaurants or at friend’s houses that are no longer gluten free, due to cross contamination.

The Celiac Disease Management Package will fill in these important “gaps” so that those who must avoid gluten are confident that they have the information they need to make healthy gluten-free choices.

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