Hypothyroidism Signs and Symptoms Checklist

DISCLAIMER (October 14, 2022): The information in this post and in the checklist contained in it should in no way be taken as a recommendation to self-diagnose, self-interpret diagnostic tests, or self-treat any suspected disorder. It is essential that people who suspect they may have symptoms of any condition consult with their doctor, as only a medical doctor can diagnose and treat.

As outlined in a previous article, the standard screening test for abnormal thyroid function is thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), but if those results come back within normal range and a person has not known risk factors or obvious symptoms of thyroid disease, no testing of thyroid hormones occurs,  and thyroid function is presumed to be normal.

In British Columbia, unless a person is of advanced age, has a family history or personal medical history of thyroid disease or an autoimmune disorder, takes medications such as lithium or amiodarone, or is from a a developing country with iodine deficiency, they do not qualify for TSH testing unless they display the specific symptoms listed in Table 1, below.

British Columbia Checklist of Symptoms and Signs of hypothyroidism

This approved checklist does not include some of the well-documented symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as non-pitting edema of the lower legs and ankles, a puffy swollen face, enlarged tongue with or without scalloped edges, loss of the outer third of eyebrows, or having pale or bluish lips. The downloadable checklist below contains a list of these, and other common symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of Hypothyroidism – downloadable checklist

This downloadable checklist of common hypothyroid symptoms is not intended to self-diagnose. It is provided to help people who feel unwell to have an informed discussion with their doctor as to whether thyroid hormone testing should be considered.

Signs and Symptoms of Hypothyroidism – larger type, 4-page downloadable checklist


   NEW – Signs and Symptoms of Hypothyroidism – 2-page downloadable and fillable checklist


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