Complete Assessment Package – get started – all-inclusive package

The Complete Assessment Package is an all-inclusive package for clients who want to eat healthier and/or lose (or gain) weight, or are seeking to put the symptoms of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol into remission.

The package includes a one-hour initial assessment appointment, design of your individual Meal Plan (one-hour of service), as well as a one-hour Nutrition Education Session to go over your Meal Plan with you, and to explain how to accurately estimate serving sizes without weighing and measuring food. The amount of time between the initial assessment visit and the Nutrition Education Session where I will teach you your Meal Plan varies depending on when I receive your completed blood work, as well as appointment availability for the teaching session. If it helpful for you to get started following your Meal Plan right away, I can design an interim Meal Plan at the end of the assessment visit based on the information that I collected on the call  — provided that I have all your blood work at the time we meet. Otherwise, I will design your Meal Plan and set up a time to teach it to you once I have the results. 

At the Nutrition Education Session, I will provide you with multi-page teaching handout to accompany your Meal Plan and which contains answers to common questions, as well as how to make some Meal Plan substitutions.

The Meal Plan consists of a risk assessment, some dietary and lifestyle recommendations and the Meal Plan itself, which includes how many portions of each food category are available to enjoy at each meal. The categories are exchange-based, which means some portions can be exchanged for others to allow for variety. The Meal Plan is designed in such a way as to be as close to how you like to eat, with the ‘fixes” built in. The food categories include starchy vegetables and unprocessed grain, legumes, fruit, non-starchy vegetables, meat-fish-poultry-egg, cheese, nuts and seeds, as well as fats — but not all categories have portions assigned, depending on the particular type of Meal Plan I design for you.  It is not a menu, but a Meal Plan. It will enable you to know how much of each type of food to eat at a meal, but which particular food you choose in that category is up to you. Best of all there is no weighing or measuring. I will teach you how to accurately estimate portion size, so all you need to do is decide what you want to eat!

Along with the individual Meal Plan that I will design for you, you will also receive a 15-page booklet that will provide you with helpful information and tips that you can refer to as you implement your Meal Plan — including how to make substitutions for foods.

This package provides a total of 3 hours of services.

Pediatrics & Prenatal: There is a small additional charge ($50) for the extra calculations required to assess growth / weight for age and height for age, BMI for age in children and youth, as well as the additional nutrient requirements and calculations to support appropriate weight gain for those who are pregnant.

There are optional add-ons to the Complete Assessment Package which provide additional specialized nutrition education for those requiring it. Taking these as part of the Complete Assessment Package results in a cost- savings compared to taking the same teaching on an hourly basis. These add-on options include teaching for those with low iron status, gout /  high uric acid, kidney stones (uric acid or calcium-oxalate), hiatus hernia or GERD,  diverticulosis and those newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism who want to know if diet can make a difference.

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