Routine Services


Routine services include support for healthy eating and weight loss or weight gain, as well as improved metabolic health.

I also design Meal Plans for those struggling with food cravings. By addressing the “blood sugar roller-coaster” and “insulin roller-coaster” that goes along with eating a diet high in refined carbohydrates, it becomes possible — and even enjoyable to eat a diet based on real food. Advanced cooking skills are not required!

I provide Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar including diabetes, as well as improving the markers of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

I provide women’s health services, including  prenatal and postpartum nutrition, as well as services for ‘women of a certain age’ who are struggling with the symptoms of menopausal women.

Almost half of those seeking my services are men, and in addition to the routine, digestive, and therapeutic services that I provide, I also have experience supporting their needs, including improving low testosterone, and managing risks associated with BPH.

For older adults of any gender, I focus on helping them preserve muscle mass they age, and to aim to get sufficient nutrients even with decreased appetite.

Nutrition Education

I also offer nutrition education on a variety of topics, including improving symptoms of GERD, gout, diverticulosis or diverticulitis, hiatus hernia, kidney stones, migraines, newly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism or who suspect they may have symptoms of it, and those wanting to improve iron status from food. 

Get Started with Routine Services

There are three ways to get started with routine services. Please click on each of the links below to read about these.

i. Complete Assessment Package 

The Complete Assessment Package is one of the two most popular routine services for getting started with weight management and improving metabolic health, including blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The Complete Assessment Package includes an assessment visit, design of a custom Meal Plan, and a Nutrition Education Session where I will review my findings and recommendations, and teach you your Meal Plan.  You will not only receive a written copy of your Meal Plan and a summary of my findings and recommendations, you will also receive a multi-page personized handout summarizing what we covered so there’s no needs to take notes. 

ii. Comprehensive Dietary Package 

The Comprehensive Dietary Package is by far my most popular routine service for weight management and improving metabolic health. The main difference between the Complete Assessment Package and the Comprehensive Dietary Package is that the Comprehensive Dietary Package also provides two 1/2-hour follow up visits at a cost savings from taking them on an hourly basis.

The Comprehensive Dietary Package includes an assessment visit, design of a custom Meal Plan, and a Nutrition Education Session where I review my findings with you, as well as teach you your Meal Plan. Finally, there are two half-hour follow-up visits that you can use when you need them anytime within 3 months from when I taught you your Meal Plan, and yes extensions are available.

Meal Plans are part of the routine services I provide

iii. Hourly Services 

Hourly Services are the third type of routine services I offer, and there are two types. The Hourly  Consultation is for meeting with me to discuss your needs and to see if I am a good fit, and the Specialized Hourly Service is intended for stand-alone nutrition education sessions on a wide range of topics. 


If you aren’t sure what you need, I recommend starting with an Hourly Consultation so that we can meet and discuss your needs, and see if I’m a good fit. If, during this appointment you decide to move forward with one the packages, any remaining time in your Hourly Consultation can be “banked” for a follow-up visit, once you complete the package. 


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